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Hi – I’m Marilyn – of Sep’s Outdoors & Sep’s Pro Fishing reputation.

The decision to BLOG was made because I felt there is always a ton of stuff to write about. Even though Sep and I are “retired”, it’s fun and rewarding to continue to stay involved in Great Outdoors activities!

Our radio shows, California Sportsmen and Ultimate Bass, heard Saturdays on KHTK1140 Sacramento, are in their 21st and 13th years, making this a major part of our lives. Our lives also revolve around two vital beings – our Brittanys, Shooter and Gunner, who participate in just about everything we do.

So, looking ahead…I’m hoping you find my efforts at “Blogging” of interest to you. I’ll be writing pretty regularly, at least that’s my plan, and we’ll see what happens as we head down the road…….

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